“Life of a newbie… after maternity!” A Safer Hand Solutions blog by Stacey Goode.

Life of a newbie… after maternity!

After having my darling little boy in December 2020, I enjoyed the relaxing morning lie-in cuddles, spending the day in my pj’s and loved the fact we had no routine. As time went by and my return-to-work date loomed, I knew that to make myself happy, I needed to look at new challenges with the possibility of a new career when it was time to return to work (after all the Prosecco had run dry on SMP).

I have always loved the idea of recruitment but having a lack of experience seemed to hold me back, I have done sales for 15 years and in my eyes, recruitment was similar but you are selling people instead of products. I saw the advert for Safer Hand Solutions (through being friends with the directors on good old Facebook) and having sent my CV to a few different places but not hearing back (as they all want ‘experience’) I thought I had nothing to lose but everything to gain. I got a call on the Monday to invite me to interview, just to get to know me, and straight away I thought – these are my kind of people, they want to get to know ME rather than just relying on experience.

An interview was daunting, I hadn’t had professional conversations for 9 months! What would I say are my biggest achievements? What are my weaknesses? Are they even going to like me? I walked in with my big girl pants on and sold ME. The fun, nice, loving side to me as well as the desire to achieve and passion for helping people. I love people (I can also dislike people as well – who doesn’t??) but the idea of assisting someone to establish a career, enjoy the job they are doing day in and day out and for some, just putting food on the table or enjoying the days out with their families. Jo and Rebecca were amazing, put me at ease straight away and even turned that weakness (the rejection from people) into a positive. I NEEDED THIS JOB AND TO WORK WITH THESE PEOPLE.

On the Wednesday, I waited all day to hear back and by the time 4pm came round, my stomach fell thinking I haven’t had the call so it is going to be a ‘No, sorry,not this time.’ However, when the call came in at 4.40pm and I was offered the position, I did my little dance in the kitchen with a giggling Teddy in my arms – his mum was happy and was looking forward to go back to work. A happy Mummy makes a happy Daddy and a happy baby.

From my first day, I felt immediately at home. By the 2nd day, I felt I had known the girls for months rather than a day and they have been an amazing support; taking me through the processes, the dreaded systems everyone just loves to learn (lol) and just about everything else I need to know to be the best Recruitment Resourcer I can be.

Baby brain is very real but trying to get your brain back into work after 9 months off AND into a brand-new role has been hard to adjust and I have felt overwhelmed at times thinking, am I learning this fast enough? Is it going in? Do they like me? HOWEVER, they have been the most fabulous girls, always there to answer my questions – No question is a stupid question so I’m told.

Its been hard leaving Teddy, he isn’t quite 9 months old but already standing, walking with a car or a box as support and trying to talk ( I grew him for 9 months, looked after him for 8 months and he repays me by shouting Da Da Da Da all the time – thanks for that kid!). I am lucky as he is being looked after by my sister and my mum, and has the best time with them as his cousin is 2 and she loves to look after him…and constantly tell her mum that he has taken his sock off again for the 12000th time that day! He is thriving so means I can fully focus on work when I am here.

I took a risk, and it is paying off so far. The only advice I would give is to believe in yourself – you can put your mind to anything. I am relishing this challenge and cannot wait to forge my new career with Safer Hand Solutions.

Rebecca, Jo and Holly (as well as the Safer Hand Care team) – thank you so much for making me feel so welcome, making me a brew just the way I like it and being there to teach me everything I need to know. You already feel like family. Let’s do this!!!!

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