When To Quit Your Job

There is a lot of talk in the press and on the socials currently about “The Great Resignation” – in brief, people who are actively looking for a new role or who have already changed jobs as part of a surge caused by the socio-economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

A recent survey found that 69% of workers are confident that they will secure a new role within the coming months; a frightening statistic for an employer, but what is causing this wave and are people just getting caught up in it? When is it a good time, or the right time, to quit your job?

In recruitment, it’s a conversation we have daily with our candidates; in fact, it’s often the very first question that we ask. Why are you looking to leave your current role? More often than not, it’s one of the following:

·      Money
·      Lack of progression
·      Culture

The pandemic has forced employees to reassess what is most important to them, and now work life balance/flexible or remote working opportunities are also common reasons for people looking to make a move – but I’d argue that this falls under the umbrella of company culture; do you feel trusted, valued and respected? If the answer is no, then ask yourself why. Do you enjoy the job you are doing? Do you not enjoy the role but you do like the company? Find out why your heart isn’t in it and go from there. Can you change anything about your current role that will make a positive difference to your situation?

Before I continue, I must make one thing clear – if you are working within a toxic environment that is affecting your mental health, or the pressure of your job is causing you extreme levels of stress and anxiety then leave immediately if not sooner. No job or amount of money is worth compromising your mental health.

However, some things are well within your control:

If you want more money and can prove that you deserve it, then ask for it. If you want a promotion and can prove that you deserve it, then ask for it. If you would like to upskill or focus more on one area of responsibility rather than another, then ask for it. If you are a valued, respected and trusted employee then more likely than not, your current company will want to keep hold of you and will do what they can to ensure you remain happy, productive and loyal. If you’re honest with yourself and haven’t really been pulling your weight…then now is the time to do something about it; prove yourself then ask for more.

Your head might be turned by more money, a fancier job title, or better perks but the grass is not always greener. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it definitely is – but if you throw in the towel before you’ve tried then you will never reach the loft heights of satisfaction and fulfilment. No job is ever perfect and we live in a society that constantly wants more, deserving or not – but you have to put the work in to reap the rewards.

If you’ve tried all this and you’re still not getting anywhere then absolutely, it is time to start looking for something better. If and when you do manage to find something that you are excited about and you pluck up the courage to hand your notice in, and at that point, your boss miraculously has a pot of money and opportunity and all the things that you’ve been asking for then please, please, please – tell them no, it’s too little, too late. If they didn’t value you enough when they had you, then this is never going to work out in the long run.

And this is where we come in….professional, compassionate and knowledgeable recruitment consultants that have heard it all.

Talk to us, tell us your joys and your pains; what do you love and what do you hate; be honest, be yourself and let us take it from here.

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